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SYCAMORE is a system that provides you with a faciliated access to a number of tools and methods in order to build models of biochemical systems, view, analyse and refine them, as well as perform quick simulations. SYCAMORE is not intended to substitute for expert simulation and modeling software packages, but might interact with those. It is rather intended to support and guide system biologists when doing computational research.

One important function of SYCAMORE is to allow you to build a draft model of your system of interest in such a way that kinetic expressions and parameters are as close to reality as possible. We want to emphasize that the resulting model still has a draft character and should not be taken as "the final model". However, setting up your model in such a way that parameters etc. are as close to reality as possible on the basis of literature data and computational parameter estimation methods should faciliate any parameter fitting methods that you want to employ later on.

SYCAMORE is a joint project of the Molecular and Cellular Modeling Group (MCM) and Scientific Databases and Visualization Group (SDBV) at the HITS in Heidelberg, as well as the department for Modeling of Biological Processes at the University of Heidelberg. It is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the HepatoSys initiative.

We are constantly improving the system and would appreciate your comments w.r.t. bugs and improvements of user-friendliness!

Weidemann A, Richter S, Sahle S, Gauges R, Gabdoulline R, Surovtsova I, Semmelrock N, Besson B, Rojas I, Wade R, Kummer U. (2008) SYCAMORE - a SYstems biology Computational Analysis and MOdeling Research Environment. Bioinformatics 24, 1463-4.

(Last updated September 2016)